Daisy Paw has teamed up with FrogWorks to offer essential oil "custom blends" to go with our "collar companions".

FrogWorks designed the formulas that we use for our Daisy’s Blends essential oils that we currently blend.
We have (6) blends to choose from;
calm, rejuvenate, insect deterrent, senior, freshen, amore blend for humans.
However, if you are looking for something more specific then the blends we offer FrogWorks can work with you to create a “custom blend”. These blends are specifically formulated for your individual dog’s needs.
To learn more about custom blends please visit:

Daisy loves frogworks

Daisy Paw or FrogWorks do not diagnose any medical conditions
and our essential oil blends are not intended to treat any medical conditions.
If you have any questions about your pets health please contact your veterinarian or pet health advisor.

Daisy Paw essential oils & FrogWorks essential oils are the only essential oils
that we can guarantee compatibility with our Collar Companion

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