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Walks are great now that Daisy wears Let’s Chill...

Since the creation of our Daisy’s Blends essential oil blend, Let’s Chill...., Daisy has been using it pretty regularly for walks. What a difference this has made for us, before Let’s Chill..., stress and anxiety would ensue the minute I put her harness on until the moment we got home. Now when we go for walks, I attach the Collar Companion about 30 minutes before we set out and by the time we leave the house she is in a much better frame of mind. With Let’s Chill, Daisy, her pack, and me are all much happier on walks. (results may vary per dog)

Collar Companions are easy to fill with our Daisy’s Blends essential oils.

Daisy’s BlendsTM essential oils are blended in a 1 dram vial with dropper. We chose this type of bottle instead of the typical orifice reducer essential oil bottle so that you could utilize every drop of our incredible blends in the Collar Companion without making a mess.

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