Mom, I can't believe you left me!

Picture this; you are gone from your three dogs for a couple weeks and when you return the dogs are so excited to see you they are practically doing flips and jumping for joy. The jubilation continues with two of them, but one (not naming any names, Daisy) stops the wonderful welcome, heads into the other room, sits in the corner, and won’t look at you. This isn’t an anomaly either, it is how she reacts every time I have to leave them for a while. I am the only one that experiences the rejection that typically continues for about 24 hours. Included in this distaste for mom is grumbling, will not look at me, and won’t sleep on the floor next to my side of the bed...oh lucky me. When I leave she will lay by the door that I left through just moping for a day or two and every night will sleep in our bed, but only on my side.

My theory, and this is just my theory, is because our bond is so tight (tighter then any animal I have ever known) when I leave she feels a confusing loss with no closure to why I’m gone. When I return it is her way of saying “You left me, I thought you were gone forever, now don’t do this to me again”! I know I may be putting the human element into this, and dog behaviorists/theorists will most likely disagree because it doesn’t fit the pack rational or the thought process of a dog, but this is my theory and I am sticking to it. If you think about though, it really does fall in line with the understanding of dogs with a deep bond. For instance; when you own two dogs, they are inseparable, and it is time for one of them to cross the rainbow bridge. It is suggested that you have your dog see the other when they have passed so that there is closure and an understanding that they are not coming back. The reasoning behind this is that by taking the ailing dog away and not letting the remaining dog see the other when they pass there is no closure, the dog is confused, and expecting that the other will come back to them. Moving on for this dog is said to be much harder.

Regardless of the studied behaviors, theories, rationals, etc...the one thing I know for sure is that the dance that Daisy and I go through every time I have to be away will continue. In a way it warms my heart that she grips, grumbles, and let’s me know her displeasure of my absents. It just solidifies in my mind how truly connected we are!

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