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2012 Brings Awesome Changes for Daisy Paw

The Christmas gifts are unwrapped and 2012 is fast approaching. With the new year brings great changes for us.

As you can see with this blog entry, we have a new and improved website that we really dig. Many of you asked for a website that gave a better understanding of how are products work and a user friendly feel. Well, we listened and hope we achieved what customers expected.

Other great happenings in 2012; we will be adding more jewelry selections....did someone say designer... and “How To” videos on using essential oils for aromatherapy with pets. This is some of the many exciting changes taking place at Daisy Paw in 2012.

We are even pushing Daisy to Blog more.....let’s see how that goes!


Happy 2012 to all our friends...may you ALL have awesome changes too.

Let's Chill... reduced Daisy's stress level and to date has eliminated her Discoid Lupus flare-ups

We are so pleased with what the Let’s Chill.... essential oil blend has done for Daisy’s Discoid Lupus that we had to share. Stress really does wreak havoc on all of our systems so finding ways to reduce it is key in dealing with emotional or physical ailments. For Daisy, aromatherapy in her Collar Companion, namely, Let’s Chill... has done just that, she has a renewed zest for life and is enjoying it away from the painful flare-ups of Discoid Lupus.

All of us here at Daisy Paw enjoying using Daisy’s Blends essential oils and Collar Companions. It truly makes us happy that we can also share them with you!

Daisy discoid lupus

Daisy Paw choosen as one of the 5 top Lifestyle Products at VegFest 2011

Hey Friends check out what Denver Westword “Show & Tell” blog had to say about Daisy Paw when we attended VegFest 2011 this past weekend: Top 5 Lifestyle Products from VegFest 2011


So much to talk about!

WOW...what a whirlwind this past three months has been. Hope you have a few minutes because this blog entry could take awhile.

Let’s see, where do I about what products are new, and there is a whole slew of them. In regard to Collar Companions we have added over 24 pieces to our Hip Disc collection, just launched a seasonal line, and a couple weeks ago we came out with a “Helpin to save the Hoo Has” line with 10% of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. For our feline friends we came out with a “Cat Companion”. It is basically a Collar Companion without the strap, because cats process essential oils differently and they need the ability to move away from it when ready. Wait...we didn’t just stop at the felines....we also have a line for humans called “Collar Companions for Dog’s Best Friend” which offer a selection of 12 different Tagua nut necklaces to choose from and the capability to turn any Collar Companion for dogs into a bracelet for humans. Now both felines and humans can share in the wonderful aromatherapy of our Daisy’s Blends essential oils. Speaking of Daisy’s Blends, we have added two amazing blends to our repertoire. Although anyone can share in our four original blends with their pets, we have added a blend just for humans. It is a sassy amore blend for both men and women that is called “Hanky Panky” is suitable yet spicy! Our other addition was created out of love for our seniors. It is a combination of Grapefruit, Carrot Seed, and Ginger to help keep them young at heart. The bottle is real easy to spot too because we call it “Keep on Truckin” which is what we intended to help them do.

On to the next topic.....Daisy Paw products are easier to get your hands on. Although you can still purchase items from our website we have expanded into retail store across Colorado and recently expanded nationally into places like Maryland, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. We are in some really amazing shops and are looking forward to being in many more.

Finally, our summer was packed full of amazing festivals and markets. We traveled across the front range of Colorado, in the Mountains, and just last week attend the HH Backer 44th Annual Pet Industry Christmas show in Chicago. We met so many incredible pets, pet owners, and retailers over the summer. It is very rewarding to see how well our products are received.

I think we have pretty much got you up to speed with what is going on at Daisy Paw to date. Moving forward, we will continue to create the best quality products we can. We are passionate about providing a natural alternative for pets and people to use while at the same time provide a unique and innovative piece that fits any style. We like to think of our Collar Companions as “Bling with a Purpose”!

Exciting news!!! We now have eco-friendly and recycled Collar Companions.

As of today you can now order eco-friendly Tagua nut and recycled cotton & plastic Collar Companions. We are so excited about our new earth friendly Collar Companions, but it doesn’t stop will soon be able to use Collar Companions yourself. That is the next few weeks we will be adding a line for Dog’s best friend. Hold on to your Collar Companions this is going to be huge!!!

Walks are great now that Daisy wears Let’s Chill...

Since the creation of our Daisy’s Blends essential oil blend, Let’s Chill...., Daisy has been using it pretty regularly for walks. What a difference this has made for us, before Let’s Chill..., stress and anxiety would ensue the minute I put her harness on until the moment we got home. Now when we go for walks, I attach the Collar Companion about 30 minutes before we set out and by the time we leave the house she is in a much better frame of mind. With Let’s Chill, Daisy, her pack, and me are all much happier on walks. (results may vary per dog)

Collar Companions are easy to fill with our Daisy’s Blends essential oils.

Daisy’s BlendsTM essential oils are blended in a 1 dram vial with dropper. We chose this type of bottle instead of the typical orifice reducer essential oil bottle so that you could utilize every drop of our incredible blends in the Collar Companion without making a mess.

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