Furry Scurry

Daisy Paw llc gets some media coverage & other stuff!!!

Wow....a lot has happened since January 27th (the day we launched our website). We went from just being an eCommerce to our products now being available in retail stores. That is not the only thing that has happened.....we have had a booth at many events in Colorado (Furry Scurry, Ella’s Walk, Boulder Creek Festival, just to name a few) and plan to expand into other states in the not to distant future. We even got some media coverage....9NEWS in Colorado did a “Starting Over” story about our company (you can watch the video from our home page). This is such an amazing journey and we are loving that our products are providing a natural alternative to calm, repel insects, and help make your dogs scent a bit more palatable. Stay tuned......more incredible products are just around the corner.

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