let's chill...

Daisy thinks her Doggie Yoga Poses will be the Latest Craze among the Canine Communitiy!

Well, as you can see Daisy hasn’t done much blogging!

That is because she has been too busy creating “dog friendly” yoga poses. Daisy knows the importances of keeping your mind, body, and soul in balance. She has always enjoyed eating a nutritious diet and using aromatherapy, but when it came to exercise it just felt blah, boring, and at times frustrating to the point that Let’s Chill... couldn’t even calm her down.

She tried “Jogging”........boring, boring, boring, because mom never wants to go off trail after the rabbits!

1-10-04 147_2

Then she moved on to the “Exercise Ball”.....Ugh, how long am I supposed to balance? One more minute and I am so biting a hole in this!


Then she thought “Soccer” could put a spark in her exercise routine......yeah, only if you can find others to play, solo soccer, wow, how blah!


FINALLY, she discovered “Yoga”, but holy cow those poses were created for someone without paws! That is when she decides to come up with “Daisy Doggie Yoga Poses”! She is pretty proud of what she created and wanted to share them with you. She would also like to thank her sisters and bother with helping to show you these technical poses.

yoga dog pose 1
yoga pose 1
yoga pose 2
yoga pose 3
yoga pose 4
yoga pose 5
yoga pose 6
yoga pose 7
yoga pose 8
yoga pose 9
yoga pose 10
yoga pose 11
yoga pose 12
yoga pose 13

And Finally...

yoga pose 14

Daisy thinks this will be the latest craze among the canine community and hopes you do too!

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