2012 Brings Awesome Changes for Daisy Paw

The Christmas gifts are unwrapped and 2012 is fast approaching. With the new year brings great changes for us.

As you can see with this blog entry, we have a new and improved website that we really dig. Many of you asked for a website that gave a better understanding of how are products work and a user friendly feel. Well, we listened and hope we achieved what customers expected.

Other great happenings in 2012; we will be adding more jewelry selections....did someone say designer... and “How To” videos on using essential oils for aromatherapy with pets. This is some of the many exciting changes taking place at Daisy Paw in 2012.

We are even pushing Daisy to Blog more.....let’s see how that goes!


Happy 2012 to all our friends...may you ALL have awesome changes too.

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