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Isis's Extrordinary 3rd Birthday!



Isis, our special cat at Daisy Paw is celebrating her 3rd Birthday today....but this is not an ordinary 3rd birthday for a cat this is an EXTRAORDINARY Birthday. You see, no one really expected Isis to survive to 3 months, let alone 3 years! Yes, you heard that right, she really wasn’t expected to live.

It all started when we took our itty bitty kitty, Isis, to her 8 week kitty well check. We were expecting to hear our veterinarian say “Oh, what a cute kitty, she looks amazing and healthy, congratulations.” What we got was “hmm, something really doesn’t sound right with her heart, let’s get an EKG and an ultra sound to see what we are dealing with”. This was not the “Well Kitty Check” we were going for, but sometimes life throws you curves and you just have to deal with it, right. It was probably a week later when we met with the heart specialist. I remember standing in the examining room watching the whole procedure and trying to make sense of what I was seeing on the screen when all of a sudden the Cardiologist said “Isis, has an Aortic Stenosis and a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (wow, that is a mouth full...many veterinarians call it a PDA to help people like me who are verbally challenged)”. It was a quite scary diagnosis and as bad as everything looked there was not much optimism that she would live. It was decided by the Cardiologist, my vet, and myself that we would not attempt the risky surgery, place her on some Lasix (a water pill to remove fluid retention), and let her enjoy the small quantity of life that she would most likely live.

I prepared myself for the fact that she was not going to be with us very long by pretending I was her foster...and that worked for about the first five minutes... then I was hooked, yes I am one of those “forever foster” types. I also decided that I would fill her life with mega quality, give her the run of the house with no kitty rules, and love on her as much as possible. Then all of a sudden one week turned into one month, and on to one year, and that turned into two years...holy cow now we are up to three years. What amazes me with her is that she is more active then your typical cat and shows no signs of her condition at all...well...that is until you listen to her chest. There is plenty of Lub and absolutely no Dub, it almost reminds me of listening to the sound of a swirling ocean in a conch shell. Don’t get me wrong that is a beautiful sound unless it is rapidly coming from your cats chest. Another incredible thing is she weened herself off the Lasix, the only medication we had her on. It was a very abrupt weening as well, meaning one day about 5 months ago she refused to take the medication out of the dropper. At first I thought it was a game that she would run from me when I put the medication in the dropper, but one day I tried putting water in the dropper and gave it to her no problem. I figured that was her way of telling me she didn’t want it anymore. To our delight it did not have any ill effect, in fact her energy level increased.

Isis, has given us three Extraordinary years and has taught us so much about living life. She has been a “heart condition” cat her whole life and doesn’t know no anything different. She doesn’t sit around dwelling that she has something serious that could very well take her at any moment. She lives her days to the fullest, playing with our three dogs, shredding toilet-paper rolls, climbing on our lovebirds cage giving kisses to the birds, and carrying around her suede daisy Cat Companions filled with her favorite Daisy’s Blends essential oils (which happen to be Lavished in Lavender and Keep on Truckin). She truly has a zest for life....she is going to live it and live it good!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY ISIS, thanks for showing us that just because the deck is stacked against you doesn’t mean you can’t have a winning hand!

We cherish every day we have with you.

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